Our Networks

We are approach any nook and cranny of the world to serve our customers

We are not merely an online shopping network, but we have a worshipful attitude towards those who are thirsty for real art and excellence. And that is why we employ the greatest possible available touchstones of excellence and standard to judge our products. We let our products reach the market or at your doorsteps only after letting them pass through a stringent quality check process at each stage of their production. No doubt we have achieved a leading position as a designer handicrafts exporters, and have earned a pleasing renown at national as well as international levels.

We are presently serving major clients in USA, UK, France, Italy, Australia, South Africa and Kenya. However, our client network is spread all over the world. We keep our utmost attention focused on building long term relations with our clients encourages us to maintain high standards of quality while adhering to strict delivery schedules.